Cash Collections

Cash Collections

Australia Wide Security Services specialise in providing a discreet and covert banking service for all types of organisations. We currently service clients in every capital city, as well as most regional areas throughout Australia, in addition to metro areas of New Zealand.

Our service uses unarmed security guards driving unmarked vehicles, collecting money from client’s locations and transporting all funds to the nominated bank or financial institution. This is generally a same day service.

Australia Wide Security will provide each client’s site with an AWSS Banking Receipt Book and we will go through all procedures before the first collection takes place.

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Security Guard Identification

Upon arrival at the location, our guards will provide their identification to your site manager and will introduce themselves discreetly and professionally.

Cash Transfer
  • Australia Wide Security will check the banking receipt book and bank bag serial number to confirm they are correct and will then sign banking receipt book.
  • Australia Wide Security will deliver the top copy of the docket and sealed funds to the nominated bank for depositing. (The banking receipt book remains at the location.)

Australia Wide Security will deposit the funds at the bank and receive a stamped acknowledgement and/or bank issued receipt whenever possible.

We retain the stamped and signed white copy (bank receipt book) and this information is available to our clients in the event they need confirmation of deposit date and location.

Change Order

A Change Order in the denominations and amount required can be pre ordered at least 24 hours in advance.

  • We attend the client’s location and hand over the sealed change order to the site manager, out of public view.
  • We are present when the site manager counts the denominations to confirm the amount ordered matches the amount received.
  • The client then hands over the amount in denominations not required. In simple terms it is a cash swap.

Cash Counting Service

If you don’t want your staff to have a deal with counting the takings or have an event where multiple collections are taking place, our cash counting service can assist. We collect cash and count it before depositing it into your bank account.

  • Cash in transit insurance to cover monies from the time it leaves your premises to being deposited at the bank
  • Tamper evident bags for transportation
  • Documentation of services supplied
  • Reduced risk on your staff, premises, and business
  • Secure cash pickups, counting, transportation, and safekeeping
  • Reliable and round-the-clock service from a reputable security company
  • The option to book or cancel our services at any time
  • Nationwide coverage

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